Diversified Healthcare Company Expedites Acquisition Integration

Contech Systems recruits 120 technicians to migrate thousands of desktops in over 100 locations on time and on budget

The Client
A diversified healthcare company providing quality managed care and benefits. Through its family of businesses, the firm serves approximately 70 million individuals nationwide. Recognized for innovation, the company applies advanced technology to execute health-related transactions, integrate complex systems, and analyze clinical data.

The Challenge
A significant challenge resulted from our client’s acquisition of a leading benefit delivery and services firm. To expedite integration, our client wanted to transition the acquired company to its existing technology platform as quickly as possible—and with minimal disruption to end users.

The scope of the task was tremendous. It involved physically changing out thousands of individuals’ computer equipment, in more than 100 locations across the country, on an accelerated timeframe. From both a technical and logistical perspective, the desktop migration was a daunting task.

The client sought an experienced partner with the capability to meet key project objectives:

  1. minimize downtime to end users by getting them up and running quickly and smoothly
  2. provide exceptional technical support during a potentially disruptive transition
  3. coordinate workforce logistics to alleviate the burden on national and local managers

The Solution
As a “Tier 1” national vendor, Contech Systems was invited by its client to submit a proposal. Contech Systems was selected as the sole provider based on the strength of its proposed process, and the cost-effectiveness of its solution.

Working in complete partnership with the client, Contech Systems developed a strategy to recruit, qualify and place talent in each of the acquired company’s locations. A two-tier system assigned clear responsibilities to support personnel:

Tier 1: Runners prepped the sites by breaking down existing equipment and unboxing and setting up new equipment. This group worked an evening shift in advance of the desktop migration process.

Tier 2: Next-day Support Technicians arrived early onsite to complete key migration tasks, including:

  • Hardware configuration
  • Network/LAN connectivity
  • Software imaging and setup
  • Resetting end user privileges and passwords
  • Troubleshooting user issues

Originally, the client envisioned that Tier 1 runners would not need technical backgrounds, but Contech Systems made a strategic decision to provide equivalent skills for both positions. All candidates possessed A+ certification and/or extensive backgrounds in desktop support, hardware installations and networking.

Recruiting Methodology
Contech Systems assigned a dedicated senior project manager to lead recruiting efforts and be on call for the duration of the project. Site requirements differed significantly and Contech Systems typically received five days notice to staff up any particular location with anywhere from 15 to 40 technicians who might be needed for a time period of between two and four weeks. Technicians typically migrated more than 100 machines each day.

Contech Systems sourced local candidates using a variety of traditional recruiting methods, placing particular emphasis on individuals who specialize in short-term desktop support engagements. Once rigorous screening was conducted (face-to-face or via Web cam), candidates were submitted to the client for review, usually within 24 hours of notification.

Concurrently, Contech Systems coordinated background checks using the client’s preferred vendor. In most cases, candidates had previously passed prescreening requirements and background checks, so the success rate was nearly 100%. As a result, qualified, interested and available technicians were ready to start within five days, and frequently even sooner.

The Results
In seven months, thousands of desktop units in over 100 locations all across the country were successfully migrated, on time and within budget. More than 120 technicians were assigned to the project in total, with an average of 70 on assignment at any given time.

Contech Systems never missed a deadline, and they also provided several value-added advantages to the client:

Flexibility: Local site requirements and schedules could change at a moment’s notice. Contech Systems was always prepared to accelerate projects, or to place them on hold if needed, at no detriment to the client.
Preparedness: Contech Systems made sure that back-ups were screened and available at each site, so that in the unlikely event of a conflict, the client received seamless service and consistent skills.
Quality: Because troubleshooting was such an important onsite need, Contech Systems made sure both service tiers had the technical backgrounds and communication skills to adequately support end users, no matter the time of day. In many cases, consultants were asked to provide assistance on unrelated projects while onsite.


As a result of this engagement, Contech Systems built a national network of prescreened and highly-qualified computer technicians who are interested in similar desktop support projects. More than 11,000 professionals strong, this network ensures cost-effective and rapid response to client’s critical needs, from onsite computer support to complex technology rollouts.